Hey there!  I’m Kate.  

I’m a born and raised New Englander that always needs to be busy doing something. I listen to music way too loud, have a style obsession with backpacks and hats, can't start my morning without espresso and rescued my soul-dog while living out in Colorado.

Before making the full-time leap into Freebird I worked in Advertising, managing everything from day-to-day operations to strumming up new, creative tag-lines and campaign ideas.  After three years of doing the double full-time job juggle, I finally made the move into self-employment.  Almost two years all-in and life has been something like a dream for me. Sure, working every weekend can be taxing, but for me right now in life--the juice is well worth the squeeze. I get to work with clients and their favorite people on their best days ever-- Does it get sweeter than that? 

Thinking back to my first shoot ever, I remember being immediately fixated on playing with the natural light through a lens.  Fast-forward almost five years and my love for light has turned into a complete obsession.  When I'm behind the camera and I'm chasing good light with a couple or family, I find myself riding this creative high.  You'll see!  ;)

I currently live, play and work on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  Holler at me if you’re ever in Newburyport!  I’m always down for an impromptu coffee, cocktail or photo shoot.