Interning With a Wedding Photographer 101

Reflecting on my initial interview with Kate now, I laugh. Not because of how it went, but because of what I wore. Kate was there in workout gear post Pure Barre sesh with Gretta wagging her tail alongside her… and I was in business professional with a portfolio in hand and heels on feet. A few things came to mind in this moment…

  1. A dog in the office? What more could I ask for?
  2. I think I’m a little overdressed.
  3. What the heck am I getting myself into?

Needless to say, Kate and I hit it off and eight months later, I can say I’ve seen it all with her.

I was completely unsure of what to expect working my first wedding. I had gone to a total of two weddings as a guest before: one when I was four years old and fell asleep under the DJ’s speaker the entire night, and one not too long ago. So in other words, my expertise didn’t exactly lie in the wedding space. Working them, though, was an eye-opening experience to say the least.

Seeing all the planning that goes into the day, the flexibility that must be had at the drop of a hat, the time management that is key to making the day run smoothly– it’s all uncharted territory for a guest. For an intern, though, it gave me just a small glimpse of an average work day for a wedding photographer.

I first saw heat.

My first wedding was scorchingly hot, a bit overwhelming, but so fun. Navigating shooting behind-the-scenes footage while trying to not get in the way of anyone came with its own learning curve at first, but I quickly grew comfortable. Mostly during weddings I focused on behind-the-scenes shots for social media, but on this day, I was in charge of slipping away to get Kate and I some frappes while changing locations to help us cool down from the blistering heat. Ordering frappes mid receiving line post ceremony? Didn’t expect that.

Then I saw rain.

It was absolutely downpouring my second wedding. While Kate came prepared with plenty of bubble umbrellas, nothing could have prepared me for fighting with the rain and wind when making sure the umbrellas didn’t blow away when not in use. Chasing after umbrellas in torrential rainfall? Didn’t expect that.

Finally, I froze.

Okay, not totally, but my third wedding was really, really cold. While Kate was getting detail shots and taking getting ready photos, I scouted out some good shots of the venue. At this point, Kate let me go out on my own, giving me free creative reign to do as I pleased. With formal photos at sunset on the beach, it goes without saying the wind didn’t exactly help us with the cold either. Being on the beach in the freezing cold in the midst of winter season? Didn’t expect that.

As far as in-office goes, I mostly did website updates, ordered prints, posted blogs, emailed vendors… all while listening to Bachelor/Bachelorette podcasts, jamming to music, and hanging out with Gretta. Talking Bachelor with my boss? Didn’t expect that.

From an interior design shoot to an engagement session to a few crazy weddings, there’s nothing I can say I didn’t see. Looking back at that interview, I thought I had an idea of what I was getting myself into, but I can see now that you never really know what this industry will throw at you. Expect the unexpected is a real expression, people!

Thanks Kate for the best internship, the best workdays, and the best experience. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

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