Jeff + Micaela | Surprise Engagement Session

Typically, all of my correspondence before weddings is with the bride, so imagine my shock when I have a groom reach out to me in secret.  

In this case, Jeff reached out to me at the end of summer hoping to set up a surprise engagement shoot for his bride-to-be, Micaela ❤️😭  He told me they lived on a lake in South Central Massachusetts and he wanted to use his grandfather’s old (but beautiful) canoe as a major centerpiece of the shoot.  They’re an active, outdoorsy couple and he felt like this would really encapsulate their personalities and zest for adventure. Fast forward a few weeks and I was headed to meet them in person for the first time.  I grabbed some champagne, flowers and greens on my way down there, because when in a canoe, why not make it the most romantic, real-life Notebook scenario as possible, right!? 

She’s a nurse and him a firefighter/EMT.  Jeff was called to transport one of Micaela’s patients and she describes their first encounter as “a love-at-first-sight” moment on the job.

So excited to work with these two in the Lakes Region this coming Fall!

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