On The Fence About Engagement Photos?

Before having our own engagement photos done (almost a year ago!), I was pretty unbiased on the topic. I don’t force engagement sessions into someone’s wedding collection if they’re not interested, and while I always tell couples “they would be nice to have!,” I was pretty middle of the road on them from a personal preference/business-sense.  They’ve always been one of my top three favorite things to shoot, but I always wanted people to *want the session for themselves* and want to be excited about the whole experience without having to be convinced otherwise.   

But then we had our own session… And my outlook changed. So if you’re on the fence… Here’s my take (as a wedding photographer and bride): Absolutely do the engagement session. 

We secretly eloped last year, and while I was more than cool with foregoing all of the typical pre-wedding stuff (Bachelorette party, the shower, etc.), the engagement photos were the one “traditional” thing I knew I wanted. We had been together forever, yet we had no professional photos together (says the shoe maker without shoes). 

We landed in Charleston, SC for our elopement and jumped into our engagement session that night. That newlyish engaged feeling (8mos) was unlike any other feeling I had experience yet in life… a constant happy, love-filled, excited high.  Two nights later, we were married 🙂 

Our engagement photos are my favorite. They depict our mood, our love, our happiness and excitement in that moment. It was just us, together, not on a timeline, not with an audience, not in an expensive white dress and suit. It was true to our personal style. It was running around the city of Charleston with two bad ass photographers (looking at you @AaronAndJillian) without pressure. It was flirty, fun, conversational and memorable.  When I look back at these photos, I remember how I felt in that moment of time (and that’s theee best feeling).

So yeah- Do the damn photos.  You’ll be SO HAPPY you have them. 

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