Do’s, Dont’s and Maybe’s of Engagement Shoots

Congrats, you’re engaged! One question we always get from clients when booking their engagement shoot is “what the heck do we wear?!”. Do you go with something more formal?  Casual? What about hair and makeup?  And how is he supposed to dress?  The questions are endless, so we’ve come up with a list of do’s, dont’s  and maybe’s so you’ll love your photos til death do you part.

Do bring multiple outfits… Don’t wear too many patterns.

Variety is the spice of life my friends!  And sometimes outfits shoot way differently on-camera than they might look in your mirror at home.  We always suggest a full outfit change for our girls and at least a shirt change for our guys.  I usually like the idea one casual outfit and then one on the dressier side.  In terms of patterns, we have “a one pattern rule” which says that there should only be one pattern for every three people in a group.  So if your fiancé goes with a patterned shirt, pick a solid color found in that pattern and rock it.  Winter accessories (hats, scarves) are the exception to the rule 😉 

Do wear something flattering… Don’t wear a bodycon.

You’ll want to pick something that compliments your figure, but also looks good on camera. As much we hate to say it, it’s true… the camera really does add ten pounds. Check out this article from Business Insider that highlights a GIF showing how a man’s face changes when different camera lenses are used. If you’re doing an open air shoot (on a beach, in a field, etc.) we highly suggest going with something a little bit flowy for one of your outfit choices. It will allow for movement and playfulness and will create some truly beautiful shots.

Do get your hair and makeup done… Don’t forget a manicure, too.

We would say about a quarter of our clients get their hair and makeup done for their engagement shoot. Some use it as a trial/test run for their big day while others just want to soak up the whole experience and feel their absolute best.  Don’t forget to get your nails done too for the engagement ring close-ups 😉 

Do invest in something new… Don’t try to be anyone but yourself… Maybe have a beverage beforehand. 

Engagement photos only happen once, so we always suggest using it as an excuse to go shopping. Take your time finding the right outfit that you’re excited to show off and make sure it screams you. If you’re not wearing something that you’re comfortable in, the camera will only maginify that.  A glass of wine, shot or beer beforehand never hurt anyone either 😉 

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