Coastal Nantucket-Style Home Full of Modern Charm

“Whether it was their modest urban apartment, their charming seaside boathouse, or now, a grand Nantucket-style home, the Andersons possess a fabulous yet grounded way of life. It’s a sort of chic but casual lifestyle that’s beautiful in its own contradiction.”

Did you see our most recent feature on The HAVEN List? This was one of my favorite residential interiors to shoot because it involved so many of my Newburyport girlfriends who are oh, so talented. They’re all passionate in their work, brilliant and willing to take risks to further their craft, and really do exhibit the community over competition mantra. And this house?! A dream. The decor, the views, the SWINGS, the tall, grand windows and the wide open space; Get ready to sink your teeth into this coastal beauty.

Interior Designer: Katie Goodrich of Ivory + Bone Interiors
Homeowner/Blogger: Mary Jo Anderson / @Port2Palm
Writer: Melissa Baran of The Haven List

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