As a born and raised New Englander who loves sunshine and warm weather, you better believe that my seasonal clock is already screaming spring.  

When my entrepreneurial spirit sister Jordan from Sage Market + Design asked if I wanted to collaborate on a spring-inspired shoot, I jumped at the chance.  To arrange, plug and play with pretty things while channeling fresh spring air, flowers, and high temps?  It’s projects like this that make photographer’s giddy. 
We focused on table setting options for Easter.  We used soft and airy colors on a bright white background to exude purity and simplicity.  We fussed with different options for greenery and accents, eventually landing on a few winning options. 
The cool thing about this shoot and more specifically these table setting ideas?  Anyone can do it.  You don’t need deep pockets to make it happen, you just need to have a vision and a little bit of style 😉 

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