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Six years ago August I was at Belle Mer for my cousin’s wedding; sitting in the crowd of our massive family waiting for the ceremony to commence. At that point in my life I had a great corporate job, but was doing A LOT of soul searching. I remember watching my cousin’s wedding photographer and feeling inspired and oddly interested in what she was doing. I looked at my younger sister and said “We should do this. We should become wedding photographers.” (YUP— My big “ahhh ha” moment 😂). Three or so weeks later I bought my first camera. One year later I would shoot my first wedding.

Fast-forward five years and my sister’s an RN working in a hospital and I’m shooting a wedding at Belle Mer, the very place where my purpose and passion smacked me in face.

So to these newlyweds, Micaela + Dave, thank you. 🙏🏻 Thank you for trusting in me. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for hosting one hell of a celebration that I got to be a small part of. You brought my story full circle and for that I’ll be forever thankful for the two of you.

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