First Look or Walk Down the Aisle?

In the planning stages, this is probably one of the top questions I get, and I will tell you– there is no right or wrong answer.  I think it’s all personal preference and I absolutely see and understand the why each option would be attractive in it’s own right.

The only time I will ever give my opinion and steer my clients towards one way or another is if the natural light is not on our side.  If you know me or have worked with me before, you know I’m constantly chasing light. So if you’re getting married during Daylight Savings Time (late October through March), the sun will likely be set by the time your ceremony commences.  In that case, I would highly recommend a First Look so we can capture your bride + groom, wedding party and family portraits outside in natural sunlight prior to your ceremony.
When it comes to a First Look, there are a few tid bits worth mentioning from a photographer, professional wedding-goer-every-weekend standpoint.  Again! I’m not picking sides here, but merely telling you what I’ve heard and seen from my experiences.
1.)  My brides and grooms who have done a first look always say that they feel so much more relaxed, like a weight has been lifted off of their shoulders, after they see each other.
2.)  This might be your only alone time together… all day… Crazy right?  But it’s true.  Weddings are fun, exciting and can be a little hectic. You’re being rushed away from one location to another, and since you’re the center of attention, you’ll have family and friends surrounding you all day long.
3.)  You get to mingle, say your hello’s and celebrate your big day at cocktail hour.  Cheers to that!
4.)  In the end, you get more bride + groom portraits… and these are photos that are packed with one-on-one raw emotion.
As for the walk down the aisle, it’s traditional, it’s what you’ve probably always dreamed of and imagined.  There’s undoubtedly a sense of everlasting nostalgia involved with waiting, and in my opinion that feeling and memory has got to be priceless.
Still stuck and unsure?  Let’s chat about your schedule for the day.  That may help sway you one way or another.

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