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Prepping for Your Wedding Day Getting Ready Photos

Getting ready photos the day of your wedding set the tone for the day. I’ll bring the basics (ring boxes, a backdrop if needed, ceramic dishes for styling, ribbon, etc.), but here are some tips and ideas on how to best prep for your morning-of…

-If your bridesmaids had their dresses hemmed, some seamstresses put scrap material in the bottom of the dress bag. Since this is a perfect representation of your color palette, I love to steal these scraps in place of ribbon for flatlays. 

-If you booked me, you’re likely looking for a bright and airy photography style.  That being said, make sure your getting ready space reflects that!  Avoid dark wall colors, orange wood-tones or locations with poor natural light. A neutral colored, well-lit space always shoots best.

-Leave a location (near a window or exterior door) free of clutter.  This is where I’ll be setting up shop for getting ready detail shots.   

-Loose blooms. Ask your florist to include a few loose blooms when they’re dropping off your bouquets!  This is a nice personal touch while styling delicate details.

-For the sake of time, have your dress and veil out of the bag, steamed and already on the hanger you want to use.

-Champagne + good music… A must 😉

-Have a box or bag set aside with all of your delicate getting ready details.  This will prevent you, me, your Mom or your bridesmaids from running around trying to collect all of these items.  As for what should be in that bag or box? Here are some of my favorites:

  • Shoes and your day-of wedding jewelry
  • Whatever perfume you’re wearing that day. Props if it’s in a nice bottle 😉
  • Assuming you’re wearing more than a Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm (no shame! It’s my go-to), I love taking the cap off of the lipstick for a classic pop of color.
  • Your invitation suite.
  • Any family heirlooms that are meaningful to you (ie. your grandmother’s brooch or rosary beads, family jewelry, grandfather’s hanky, etc.)
  • If you’re wearing a hair piece that day, include that too.

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