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Wedding Courtesies 101 | From an Insider’s Point of View

RSVP.  I know us millennials are bad, bad, bad with snail mail. It’s not our thing. We’re the digital generation–I get it– but RSVP by the date on your invite damit. Couples have a laundry list of last minute tasks leading up to the wedding; Don’t be another person they have to chase after.

Ahead of time, it impacts your host’s budget and the seating layout. The day-of, it impacts the venue coordinator, back-of-house kitchen staff and service staff. Recently, one of my bride’s had an adult and two children show up who didn’t RSVP. Squeezing in three additional people at a 10-top is not an easy task. And then wanting kid’s meals too? Yikes. So yeah, support the USPS and RSVP 🙂

No cell phones or iPads in the aisle please. I’ll keep it short and sweet. This is probably every photographer’s biggest pet-peeve. Under no circumstances should you be in the aisle with your cell phone or massive freaking iPad during a wedding ceremony. I could tell you (and show you) horror stories about that loud aunt or forward distant cousin who just doesn’t get it. Be present. Be respectful. They’ve hired professionals for a reason.

Don’t talk while others are talking…. Especially during blessings and speeches.  Put yourself in the speaker’s shoes; During a monumental, thought-felt speech, would you want to get up in front of 125+ people only to have tables of people continuously talk over you? I’ve been seeing a lot of chatterboxes during speeches lately and it breaks my heart for the speaker, bride and groom.

Respect parent dances.  On the same lines as above.  It’s an important moment in time for your hosts and their parents, so be respectful of that.

Dancing circles. The last one–and one that directly impacts yours truly 😉 — when on the outside ring of a dancing circle, let the photographer in, k?!  These are cool, fun moments that should be on camera. Before you throw a ‘bow to claim your space, make sure you’re not boxing out the photographer.

Brittany + Joey | Engagement Session

I fell a little bit in love with Duxbury Beach during this mid-November shoot.  I’m a beach person to begin with, but the light and landscape here really sealed the deal for me.  

Shooting on the beach in the off-season is always a yes from me dog.  Think about it 💭 Visually, it’s a timeless and season-less backdrop— there’s no grass to green, no trees to change color, no leaves to fall, no flowers to bud, bloom or go into dormancy. Here in New England, it’s my favorite neutral setting year round. And bonus- it’s usually pretty empty.  During this hour-long shoot I think we saw all of two people.  

Just bring your temperature tolerance, mittens and earmuffs, because it gets COLD. Looking forward to working with these high school sweethearts again next summer at Granite Links!

A big thanks to Amanda, Brittany’s college roommate and one of my recent Winter brides, who connected us!  For me, referrals are the bread and butter of this business so I couldn’t be more thankful for all of you who keep spreading that good Freebird word. 

Jeff + Micaela | Surprise Engagement Session

Typically, all of my correspondence before weddings is with the bride, so imagine my shock when I have a groom reach out to me in secret.  

In this case, Jeff reached out to me at the end of summer hoping to set up a surprise engagement shoot for his bride-to-be, Micaela ❤️😭  He told me they lived on a lake in South Central Massachusetts and he wanted to use his grandfather’s old (but beautiful) canoe as a major centerpiece of the shoot.  They’re an active, outdoorsy couple and he felt like this would really encapsulate their personalities and zest for adventure. Fast forward a few weeks and I was headed to meet them in person for the first time.  I grabbed some champagne, flowers and greens on my way down there, because when in a canoe, why not make it the most romantic, real-life Notebook scenario as possible, right!? 

She’s a nurse and him a firefighter/EMT.  Jeff was called to transport one of Micaela’s patients and she describes their first encounter as “a love-at-first-sight” moment on the job.

So excited to work with these two in the Lakes Region this coming Fall!

Newburyport Engagement Session

Yet another example of rolling with the punches!

We had attempted on three different occasions to shoot this engagement session, but it happened to be raining every.single.time. We finally had this day on the books and of course, it was snowing, but this actually ended up providing us with the perfect backdrop. We planned to shoot on the beach but last minute decided to ditch the sand in order to capture the snow downtown. After all, Newburyport is one of the top 10 Christmas towns in New England! Check out the article here.

Thanks Veronica and Craig for storming the weather with me!

Cliff House Maine Wedding


1.) Our bride, Sarah, did a hair and dress change part way through her reception.

2.) It seems like such a micro detail, but it made a macro difference—the blue glassware!  It really added a pop of color to the tables and helped tie everything together.

3.) The little seaside chapel that Sarah + Joe got married in.  They had their florists (Jardiniere Flowers) install a floral archway at the entrance of the chapel, making for an awesome backdrop for not only their grand exit, but also for their large, extended family photos. 

4.) The landscape. I mean, is there ANY venue on the entire New England coast that has accessible ocean-side cliffs like this?  Cliff House Maine, five stars for location. 

5.) Our bride Sarah is Canadian!  With about an hour or so left of dancing, they brought out miniature Canadian flags and yellow hats called Sou’westers.  These hats are signature east coast rain hats in Nova Scotia that all of the lobster fisherman wear on the lobster boats.  Seeing a bunch of yellow hats bopping around on the dance floor was actually really, really funny. 

Hair + Makeup: Salon Loka
Wedding Dress Boutique: L’elite Boston
Wedding Dress Designer: Carolina Herrera
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Bridesmaid Dress Boutique: L’elite Boston
Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Dessy
Groom + Groomsmen Suit Supplier: The Black Tux
Flowers: Jardiniere Flowers
Cake/Desserts: Owen Dyer – ConfectionArt
DJ/Band: Sultans of Swing
Invites: RSVP Hingham
Videographer: Michael Murray – Summerwind Wedding Films
Catering: The Cliff House
Wedding Planner: Marrero Events
Trolley Service: York Trolley and Ogunquit Trolley
Venue: The Cliff House

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