Memorial Day Weekend Wedding | Topsfield, MA

5 Things We Loved About Courtney + Adam’s Wedding

5.) “The Perfect Blend”

Adam, originally from the UK, brought aspects of his English heritage to the wedding, combined with Courtney’s family and American traditions, created what the couple referred to as the “perfect blend”. To start, the groomsmen sported American flag and British socks, truly representing what it means to have a blended celebration.  And the bridesmaids dresses?  The color was called “English Rose.”  Adam wore a pin from his late Godfather, who once worked for the UK Postal Service.  The couple even gave out tea and crumpets as their wedding favor!

4.) Best Man Speech

Traditionally in the UK, the best man will use his speech as an excuse to roast the groom, airing his dirty laundry for all to hear. Adam was nervous for both what Lewis, the best man, might share as well as for the reactions of those who weren’t aware of the tradition. Because of this, Adam explained to Lewis that his speech should be dialed down a bit. Lewis, still wanting to have fun and provide some humor, transformed his words into song, changing up the lyrics to American Pie. He found the perfect mix of light-hearted jokes and heartwarming remarks. Needless to say it was a total crowd pleaser!

3.) Wedding Song

Having met at a pub in Boston, the pair only found it fitting to choose It All Started With a Beer as their First Dance song. They’ve been long distance for four years now and each time they head to the airport to drop the other off, they blast the song over the car speakers, reminding them that their relationship continues to flourish despite difficulties that come with distance.

2.) Quite simply put… They are humble as allllll heck.

Adam, pursuing his Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Biology, has contributed to research and development of medicines used in cancer treatment. He has a couple national titles for running under his belt too, as if his academia accomplishments aren’t enough (cough cough, a Harvard grad). While Adam had always been known as the guy who’s a great runner, Courtney met him shortly before an Achilles injury that restricted him to a wheelchair post-surgery. She came to know an entirely different Adam, and the couple says their relationship grew so much stronger because of this. Courtney is currently completing her residency in New Mexico with plans of becoming a physician. Talk about a power couple.

1.) The Proposal

Okay, so we realize this technically isn’t part of the wedding, but it’s just too good to not include. Because of their distance, Courtney assumed the proposal was happening when it did as she knew she wouldn’t see Adam again for awhile. However, what she didn’t take into account was Adam choosing to do it on a nude beach! Kidding, he wasn’t aware of the complete self-exposure until after the fact (really, it wasn’t until he saw the pictures!). Courtney explained she caught on to the situation at the time but saw so many people in normal clothes that she didn’t think much of it. At least it calls for a good story 😉



Hair: Liz Dodge (Hair Envee Salon)

Makeup: Ashely Breen

Wedding Dress Boutique: Camilla’s Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero 

Bride’s Shoes: Calvin Klein

Bridesmaid Dress Designer: After Six Bridesmaid Dress

Groom + Groomsmen Suit Supplier and/or Designer: Slaters

Flowers: Fleur+Stitch

DJ/Band: Chuck from 617 Weddings

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